About Us

Linda Baley is the founder of Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. Linda hasalways been a lover of rabbits and had always had a pet bunny or two. Sometimes people would give Linda their unwanted bunnies and Linda wouldrehome the bunnies for them.

Then on December 23, 2007 Linda received a call from a woman stating that there were two rabbits stranded on a island in a local park. "They werestarving, could she please come rescue them."

The rabbits were stranded in Alondra park in Torrance, California. AlondraPark features a small, gated-off island designated as a California native plantand wildlife sanctuary, and it is a magnet for irresponsible pet owners whowill cross the footbridge to drop their rabbits over the fence.

Linda knew where the starving rabbits were. But, she could not get to them. Access to the island is not granted to the public. After dozens of phone calls,Linda was finally allowed access to the island on December 26, 2007. The
two rabbits she had been called about was actually more than 30 sick, injured,and starving bunnies. Some of the bunnies were so hungry they were eatingfeathers to stay alive. Others suffered from raccoon, hawk, and other predatorinjuries as well as respiratory illness, parasites, and fly strike. These rabbitswere dying and many had already died tragic deaths from being exposed to theelements.

Linda quickly got to work building cages, getting veterinary care, feeding,administering medication, and giving the dying bunnies much needed attentionand love. Thus, Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue was born.

Linda has rescued, rehabilitated, treated, loved, and rehomed more than athousand rabbits to date. Her home is affectionately called the RabbitTrail. All rescued rabbits are kept at the RabbitTrail or at volunteers homes until
they find their forever homes. If you would like to be a volunteer, foster home,or forever home to a bunny, please feel free to contact Linda.

Below are a few photos of the Rabbit Trail.

EB the Therapy Bunny

One of the bunnies that was rescued from the Alondra Parkmission was a little Dutch Dwarf bunny named EB. EB had aterrible eye injury and he was dying from starvation. EB also haddeep claw cuts in his back made by a predator. Needless to say,EB is one lucky bunny.

The minute Linda found EB she knew he was one special bunny. Not only did he escapedeath several times. He had a calming, sweet demeanor about him. Since beingrescued, EB has found a permanent home with Linda as a therapy/teaching bunny. EBhas helped many children, especially those with vision impairments, to feel good aboutthemselves and to know it's okay to be different. Below are photos of EB at the time ofrescue and one of the little girls EB helps to feel good about wearing her eye patch. Wehave all come to love EB very much. He truly is a special bunny.

Classroom Bunnies

Linda also takes bunnies to classrooms, birthday partiesand Easter education events to educate children about theimportance of being a responsible pet owner and how totake care of a bunny.

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